How long is the season?
Practices start in December, 2017. Tournament schedules will be available at the Mandatory Parent & Player Meeting as well as on the website. Most tournament play will conclude by April. National teams may last until June.

What is Bay United Elite Volleyball?
BUEV is a nonprofit organization 501©(3) that was started in 2015 to unite quality players who are serious about pursuing volleyball at the next level, whether that is high school or college. We want to grow and promote volleyball in the Bay County area by providing a challenging, organized, safe, and enjoyable atmosphere for athletes to excel and develop. BUEV strives to offer the highest level of coaching in the area, as well as motivate our athletes to pursue excellence on and off the court.  To maintain this reputation we rely on the support of community leaders, area schools, area coaches, parents, and committed players. We are also dedicated to growing the game through our grassroots
Future ACES Academy for players age 8-12.
When are tryouts?
Session 1: Saturday, November 11th for 11-14U. Mosley High School 9am-12pm
Session 2: Sunday, November 12th for 15-17U. Arnold High School 2pm-5pm
BUEV Future ACES - No Tryouts Necessary. Register Here to join this program

TRYOUT FEE (Non-refundable) $40.00 (This is separate from your Region Membership Fees)
How many players are on a team?
9-10 (Maximum 10)
How are players selected?
BUEV will use an evaluation system of points received for individual / position skills (passing, setting, hitting, serving, etc.), team play, knowledge of the game, and court awareness. BUEV does not make decisions based on a player's school or coach affiliation. Our goal is to unite the players of the region using the above mentioned criteria in order to compile teams with the most talented, dedicated, and serious athletes in the area. We will also need to consider availalbe / needed positions (OH, MB, Setter, etc.), as well as experience and age requirements.
How much does club volleyball cost?
Cost varies based on which travel team you are on; National Team, Regional Team or our Future ACES Academy
Individual Travel Team Budgets will be available after tryouts, on the website, and at the Parent & Player Meeting.
Payments: You will be required to make a Deposit that is due at the Mandatory Parent & Player Meeting; this deposit in non-refundable if you are unable to participate, (BUEV will review due to injury or extreme circumstances) 
Payments are due: December Parent & Player Meeting (Deposit), January , February, March & April
We do accept online payments.
Payment must be received by the due date or your daughter will not be able to participate until payment is received. (BUEV will review extenuating circumstances and may offer additional payment plans)
Are there additional costs or fees?
The participation fees listed in your budget cover the expenses associated with play and participation. The majority of these expenses are liability insurance, coaching stipends, gym rentals, equipment, Gulf Coast Region Team Registration, Tournament Entry Fees, and administrative fees. Fees received go directly for the operations, instruction, and play. The amount of additional costs will depend on the number and locations of away tournaments each team participates in. Travel expenses are not covered (hotels, travel, food, etc.) Uniform and equipment fees are an extra expense.
What if a Club activity conflicts with a school activity?
We feel that school activities come first. However, a player who attends a practice will get much more out of the practice than one that does not come to the practice at all, and will be rewarded as such. The higher the level of play an athlete wishes to achieve is directly related to their dedication, effort, and commitment to the program. The National teams will look for the highest level of commitment and dedication.  ANY school function or athletic event that conflicts with travel team practices / tournaments must be discussed with the coach. Players who do not attend tournaments will NOT receive a refund/discount for their portion of the entry fee. 
What is a "Team Chaperone"?
We like to think of our Team Chaperones as 'behind the scenes assistant coaches'. They help coordinate and direct many team activities such as team communication, travel arrangements, team photos, and organizing food tables. (Just to name a FEW!) Chaperones are required by the USAV and the GCR to participate in a SafeSport class before working with Junior members. 
When and where do the teams practice?
How often: 
Practice days will be determined by the BUEV coaching staff and individual team coaches. Average will be 2-3 times per week.
Practice days will be determined by the BUEV coaching staff and individual team coaches. Most practices will be 1-2 evenings during the week and 1 afternoon/evening on the weekend.
Practice locations will be determined by the individual team coaches. Current facilities include  Arnold HS, Mosley HS, Bay HS, Mowat MS, Bay Haven Charter Academy.
Who can participate?
Open to girls ages 12-18 years of age for travel teams. Ages 8-18 for clinics, camps, and training, Ages 8-12 for our Future ACES Academy.
Important Notes: To compete in any tryouts, evaluations, training, or practice all forms must be completely filled out including parent’s signature.